Events and Our Community Commitment

Our Yearly Summer Picnic


Music, catfish, and a great time.  We also do honey judging, lots of eating, plus homemade ice cream

Jakes and bee education


Jakes is held yearly at Ft Toulouse .  This event gets kids from inside and gets them outside away from electronics to enjoy nature.  We setup hives and allow kids to see bees close-up!

Monthly Meetings


Our meeting are held once-a-month, on the last Thursday at 6pm.  Meeting are held at the Elmore Extension Cooperative in Wetumpka on Quen Ann Rd.  Each meeting has a theme like spinning honey, deseases and pests, or question the expert!

Junior Beekeeping Camp


Our annual kids camp allows kids to explore the wonderful world of bees through interactive classes and hands on experiences.

Beginners Beekeeping Classes


A little more complex classes for beginners with the all important.. mentoring

Alabama National Fair


This is where it counts.  Talking to people, answering the oddest questions, corndogs, rides, and people OH My