About Us


We are in your community


The purpose of  Central Alabama Beekeepers 

Association is  to promote beekeeping among

 fellow beekeepers, agriculture, and the  general

 public. In particular, assisting members with

 their questions about apiary management 

while providing educational opportunities  

through regular meetings and classes.


Our Officers, Members who represent Us

President:  Allyson Andrews THATS HER DANCING ON THE RIGHT

Vice President:  Stacy VanDortrecht

Treasurer:  Myles Wright

Board Members:  Carey Moseley, Chuck Burns, Donald Short, Stacy VanDortrecht

Newsletter Editor/Webmaster: Ben VanDortrecht


Membership Form

Our downloadable membership form in Microsoft Word. Membership has it's advantages, productive meetings, great newsletters, and a  treasure trove of advice and answers.